Weekends weren’t “MAID” for housework

Why spend your valuable time scrubbing and dusting when we will be happy to do that for you? At Your Helping Hands House Cleaning Las Vegas, we are the extra pair of hands that you need when time is limited. I honestly believe we are the top cleaning service in the Las Vegas  and Henderson area and welcome the opportunity to show you our unmatched service. I am confident in the ability of a cleaning staff that has been working for our company for years. Read More...

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Bobi Gonzalez started the company in 1991 as a means to support her daughter and herself while attending nursing school. She found the love of business outweighed that of nursing and declined her acceptance into nursing going fully into the business of cleaning. She loves riding motorcycles has made more than 1,000 skydives and competes in figure competitions (bodybuilding) so is immersed in the gym regularly. Bobi also takes the time for continued education and is in the process of writing a book on How she built her business from scratch to give others hope in their dreams.

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