Our Girls

Our little mascot Peanut loves giving kisses to the ladies  after their hard work day.  She has a favorite squeaky toy but...she's afraid of the squeak noise so she only carries it around by the ear. (cracks me up)  When she's not under my desk resting between licks she loves running around the park playing with the little dogs (she doesn't know she's a big dog).  Peanut wanted you to know the you're not the only one who thinks housework is Ruff!

Ana, Team, Leader for Team 1, joined the Your Helping Hands family in 2006. Ana passions include golf, and being a mother to her three children. Her favorite color is black, her favorite food is Mexican, and she really enjoys classical music – especially Pavarotti. Ana appreciates that everyone at Your Helping Hands works so well together that it makes the job not even feel like work.

Adriana has been a part of the Your Helping Hands Cleaner's  family since 2005. Adriana is a big fan of shopping, the color purple, and any type of Italian food. She enjoys spending time with her two children, and her favorite musician is Celine Dion. Adriana really appreciates the fact that the owners and managers of Your Helping Hands treat her with respect.

Maria is fast becoming a great team leader.  Having just started with us in this last year (2014) she is a blessing because her attitude enabled her to learn well and quickly.    When I asked her what her favorite color was she said~all of them~  when pressed a bit (after a good laugh) she said sky blue.  She has 5 children a mixture of two families joined as one.  She loves chinese food and dominos .  She always worries about the happiness of her clients and is very receptive to doing the best she can for her client satsifaction. 

Maria loves the color purple.  She also loves cleaning we know this because she comes in daily with a smile on her face.   Her favorite food is pupusa's, which are, basically a pocket of delicousness.   When she's not cleaning homes she loves listening to music.  Maria has 3 children and always enjoys "play time" with them.  We consider her a strong part of why we have such a good reputation.  Maria is going on one year with us and plans on staying for as long as God wills.  :)

Fabi is one of the few ladies whom we were fortunate enough to find via an add.  We rarely have to look for help this way and feel blessed for having her on our team.  As you can tell in Fabi's past life she was a movie star (she's gonna kill me for saying that ha)  Fabi is a hard working dedicated team leader.  For Fabi she wants to make sure she does a professional job and does it all with a smile.  Fabi has three children two sons and a younger daughter whom she loves to spend time with when she's not working.  When she get's a chance to dine out she prefers Italian.  Fabi has been with us since july 2014 and plans on staying with us for as long as humanly possible.  

Rosa became part of the Your Helping Hands family in 2005. Rosa enjoys spending time with her four sons, and listening to music - especially Bachata. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves Chinese food. For Rosa, the best part of working with Your Helping Hands is that she really likes the people she works with.

When I look at Lordes I see school teacher ~that's because she's a smart cookie.  I enjoy her sense of humore and big heart.  Lordes started with us Sept 2014 and has enjoyed her clients and the fact she is treated like family makes her wish she had started working here sooner.    

Elba Lorena joined the Your Helping Hands family in 2012. Imelda enjoys going to the park with her family, and spending time with her husband and three sons. Her favorite color is red, and she loves chicken prepared any way. Her favorite music is Ritmos. Imelda likes the flexible hours at Your Helping Hands, and that she can spend weekends with her family.

Silveria has been part of the Your Helping Hands family since 2011. She enjoys watching television, her favorite color is pink, she loves Mexican food, and she frequently listens to many different types of music. Silveria likes the feeling of famiily that she feels everyday working at Your Helping Hands.

Judy is a little camera shy.. even though she's been with us for almost a year I've yet to "corner" her and get that pic.  More my fault than hers.  She absolutely loves to cook.  If you wanted someone to create some good latin food for a party she would do it just for fun (almost) but we've had a hard time keeping our promise to not over eat since Judy started working here.  It's funny that she would end up being team 5's kitchen girl.  She loves working here but when she gets a day off she's all about that baste... :)   We love having her here and her team enjoys a good meal on a daily basis.  I think she is an asset to any client's home because of her culinary skills she loves a clean kitchen